10 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been the one of the most important ingredients of many cuisines and dishes for time immemorial. As per ancient legends, the goddess Athena presented the olive oil tree to humanity as a gift. Thomas Jefferson declared olive oil as the richest gift of haven whereas it is mentioned as liquid gold by Homer.

People have also been using it for other purpose such as to maintain good health and it is especially popular among women as it offers plenty of ‘beauty benefits’ as well. In fact, the results of many scientific studies conducted in recent years have endorsed the notion that olive oil is an amazing natural substance offering numerous health and beauty benefits.

Some of the unbelievable beauty benefits of this unmatched natural gift are as under.

  • Olive Oil for Dry Skin:

You will be surprised to note that how easily and quickly olive oil softens the dry skin you have been struggling with for ages. Olive oil is basically a humectant and that is why, it draws moisture into your skin and makes it look soft and healthy. Simply rub generous quantity of olive oil on your skin after taking a shower and speed up the absorption by adding some Aloe Vera that will also help the olive oil to penetrate little deeper into your skin.

  • Olive Oil for Soft Shiny Hair:

If you have hair that are as brittle and dry as sagebrush in desert, use olive oil at the earliest to moisturize your hair and make them soft and shiny. In fact, some of the most popular ancient warriors and ladies used olive oil to prettify and straighten their locks. It also makes your hair more flexible and strengthens them as well.

  • Olive Oil for Supple and Soft Lips:

You can use olive oil in combination with beeswax to make your lips soft and seductive. Just apply the mixture gently on the lips with the help of your fingertips. Try using pure, natural olive oil to treat your lips because it is not only tasty but will also keep your lips supple and soft for an extended period of time.

  • Olive Oil to Cure Acne:

Not matter how beautiful you are, you are not going to catch anyone’s attraction if you are suffering from acne. Although, the use of oils for recovering acne sounds bit crazy but many people believe that olive oil can do the job for you. Apply a mixture of 3 tablespoons of olive oil and salt on your face for at least a week and you are guaranteed to notice remarkable improvement in your condition. The principle is that olive oil restores natural moisture of the skin whereas salt exfoliate the skin to clean the pores.

  • Olive Oil to Treat Hang Nails:

Olive is an extraordinary agent to treat hang nails. The secret is to take special care of areas around your   nails while nourishing your hands with olive oil many times a day. Olive actually acts as a moisturizer and prevents your nails from peeling off by keeping them soft and healthy in addition with making them shiny just like your hair.

  • Olive Oil and Anti-Aging:

Early aging is the result of premature cell degeneration in your skin. Olive oil is also an exceptional antioxidant that will help you to prevent oxidizing of your skin cells that is the biggest reason of cell degeneration and thus, early aging. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and hydroxytyrosol (an antioxidant) that enable you to look reasonably young despite of the increasing age.

  • Oil Olive to Prevent Wrinkles:

Being a super antioxidant, olive oil can help you to keep wrinkles at bay. Apply the oil once or twice in a week and do your skin a much need favor as it will keep it wrinkle free, soft and smooth a little longer.

  • Olive Oil for Safe Sunless Tan:

Direct exposure to sunrays is extremely dangerous as it can cause many fatal diseases such as skin cancer. However, you no longer need to worry as olive oil is a safe tanning agent that will tan your skin smoothly and evenly. It is even better to mix olive oil with commercial self-tanning products to maximize the benefits and joys of a harmless yet effective sunless tan.

  • Olive Oil and Eyes:

Olive oil can act as a really beneficial eye cream as well. Olive will alleviate the fine lines and take care of the tender and sensitive skin around the eyes. Gently rub some olive oil around your eyes in the morning or immediately before going to bed. It is a vitamin filled and refreshing beauty treatment for your eyes with absolutely no side effects at all.

  • Olive Oil and Weight Loss:

Obviously, it is difficult to impress others with your looks if you are overweight. Why most Mediterraneans are not fat is due to the fact that almost all of them consume at least 20 liters of olive oil a year. As per some health experts, it is better to use olive oil on regular basis instead of fad low fat diets to reduce weight because it is rich in all the necessary nutrients and minerals except fat and provides long lasting weight loss solutions.

Olive oil is fabulous naturally occurring oil and an increasing number of people are using it for various purposes. Olive oil offers many more beauty benefits than those mentioned in the above lines. In fact, use of the olive oil is one of the easiest and safest methods to stay in shape, healthy and beautiful.