5 Best Hiking Trails In Los Angeles Area For Nature Lovers

Most people around the world know Los Angles as a trendy, urbanized city. It is a city famous for its glitz and glamour. Against general perception, the suburbs and nearby areas of the city also feature some of the most exciting and beautiful hiking trails. Hiking trails in Los Angeles area allow people to escape hectic city traffic, overcrowded streets and worries of life for some time. Surrounding cliffs and hillsides also offer panoramic and breathtaking views of the city.

Top Summer Hikes of Los Angles:

If you are looking for a challenge or change while in Los Angeles, head straight to any of the following hiking trails.

  • Hidden Valley Trail, 1 mile:

This enchanting yet wiggly trail is only a mile long and perfect for fitness savvy beginners. This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Los Angeles area. The trail is short but full of breathtakingly amazing sceneries. It is located in the middle of the Joshua Tree National Part which is closest to Los Angeles as compared to all other parks. The trail will take you through an orange maze as well as brown and red rocks, a rare sight for people living in a busy city like Los Angles.

  • Escondido Canyon Falls, 4.2 Miles:

This is a scintillating trail surrounded by canyon walls and towering trees on all sides. Located just seventeen miles from Santa Monica, this trail will also provide you with an opportunity to see a fifty feet high waterfall at the end of it. Similarly, you can also climb the wall to get to the upper end of the falls that is approximately hundred feet high. The place is so serene it will make you forget all of your daily life miseries for a while.

  • Arroyo Seco/ Gabrielino Trail, 5 Miles:

This sensational hiking trail is perfect for people interested in the history of California. This relatively flat trail will first of all take you to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. You will also come across big leafed sycamore and maple trees alongside a beautiful gushing stream. You can also find ruins of a road dating back to 1920. The road ran up to the canyon and passed through Pasadena, past cabins and resorts and into the wilderness.

  • Bridge to Nowhere, 10 Miles:

This ten mile long hiking trail leads you to river crossings, surreal tunnels and roads across the east fork of River San Gabriel. The most mesmerizing part of the trail is the Bridge to Nowhere, a 1200 feet high structure located in the middle of the canyon. In fact, this bridge is the only place in the entire California where daredevils are allowed bungee jumping. Furthermore, there is no need to worry if you get lost, just follow the water.Echo Mountain and 

  • Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point, 10.4 Miles:

The mountains of San Gabriel are a paradise for hikers. But none of the trails is as beautiful as this 10.4 miles long journey taking you to the breathtaking Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point. You walk through an array of scintillating mountain canyons, gorgeous vistas and ruins of an old mountain resort.


The nearby areas of Los Angles offer some sensational hiking trails. These trails are perfect for any adventure lover and can help you get rid of hassles of a busy city in most amazing manner possible.