6 Cheapest Travel Destinations For The Frugal Tourists

Travelling is no doubt expensive. But – if you are willing to explore the world little further, you will find some exceptional bargains as well. You will be surprised to know that it is possible to live with only few pounds a day in some parts of the world. Some of the cheapest travel destinations even allow you to enjoy luxurious vacations in the same amount of money you spend at home.

Cheapest Travel Destinations:

Following lines unveil the cheapest travel destinations across the world for frugal tourists.

  • Eastern Europe:

The price of living happily in Eastern Europe is much less than enjoying the same luxury and comfort in the western part of the continent. You get good value for your money in terms of accommodation and food and there are plenty of things to see for free as well. Eastern Europe is also rich in fascinating historical sites and the places like Slovenia, Macedonia and Albania are also famous for quieter sports. The prices are comparable in capitals but are really low further afield.

  • Hungary:

Hungary is one of the cheapest countries in the Europe. Although, the cost of living has increased in recent years yet you will have plenty of cash in your pocket even after your tour is over. One of the best cities to visit in Hungary is Budapest, the capital itself. Located by the mighty Danube, the city is famous for thermal spas, delicious cakes and traditional kávéház (coffee house). The city is an exceptional bargain because the train ticket and meals will cost you only $10 and $2 respectively. Similarly, you can book a hotel room for mere $10.

  • Tunisia:

Mercer, the forum that conducts annual survey on worldwide costs has consistently ranked the capital of Tunisia as one of the cheapest cities in the world. It is the coastal city where the mesmerizing Mediterranean meets North Africa. Here, you can enjoy the best of the local culture for the fraction of the price you would spend in the countries like Italy.

  • Vietnam and Cambodia:

These are two of the most popular tourist destinations around the world because of their cultural heritage and breathtaking sceneries. Furthermore, most of the tourist attractions are extremely cheap as well. A decent hotel will not cost you much and you can even get a delicious lunch in just $3.

  • Mexico:

Mexico has had plenty of negative publicity recently thanks to the spree of high profile drug killings. Although the quaint towns and beautiful beaches of the country remain violence free yet whole the country has been plagued by these killings, unfortunately.

  • Thailand:

The South East Asia is a good value all around for tourists. Thailand is the country where you can survive with your money twice as long as you would at home. In this regard, common flooding and political turmoil has lowered the prices even further and you will actually by helping the local economy if you visit there.


Above mentioned are some of the cheapest travel destinations around the world where you can relax and enjoy without spending much of your fortune.