6 Creative Ways To Find Cheap Travel Tickets To Kenya

Kenya is the first name that flashes into mind when you think of a safari destination. It is indeed the best and most popular safari destination in the world but the country is also popular for its exotic beaches. Travel to Kenya can be expensive if you don’t do proper planning or fall victim to a scam travel agent who charges extraordinarily high prices for flights tickets. It is a wise idea to explore different flight options yourself in order to find cheapest travel tickets to Nairobi and other parts of Kenya.

Following steps will seriously help you cut your travel costs if you are considering visiting Kenya.

  • Look For Chartered Flights:

It sounds foolish to look for a chartered flight to travel to Kenya. You may be thinking how come a chartered flight can help you save money. However, you will come across many companies offering affordable holiday packages to Kenya including flights tickets and accommodation. As a matter of fact, the entire package could turn out to be cheaper than a single flight. The destination of most of these flights is Moi International Airport, Mombasa. However, you can change flights in Mombasa if you want to travel to Nairobi instead. Similarly, you can also board a bus or night train between Mombasa and Nairobi.

  • Book Separate Flights:

Unfortunately, there are very few airlines that offer direct flights to Kenya from United States and Canada. Most often, you have to travel to Europe first and then proceed to Kenya. Again, booking a single flight from United States to Nairobi will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is better to book separate flights, first from US to Europe and then from Europe to Nairobi. This will not only help you save a lot of money but it offers more comfort and convenience as well.

  • Explore Options with Flying Blue:

You can really find cheapest travel tickets to Nairobi if you check your options with Flying Blue. It is a network of some of the best airlines in the business such as the Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways, Air France, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and Aeroméxico. It is pertinent to note that both KLM and Kenya Airways are brilliant airlines and fly daily to Kenya from many international destinations. You can earn Flying Blue points by flying with any of these airlines which you can later use for upgrades or extra free tickets etc.

  • Airline Error Fares:

You can find serious discounts on flights to Nairobi by constantly searching for errors in airlines fares. Sometimes, airlines post wrong fares by mistakes and if you are lucky enough, you may not only spot the mistake but fully exploit it as well. There are many reasons why such mistakes occur such as technical problems, currency conversion mishaps and most importantly, human errors. The bottom-line is that you can save a lot of money on flights if you have some know-how about how to find erroneous airlines fares.

  • Time Your Trip Properly:

Tourists throng Nairobi and other parts of Kenya especially in July to August and also from December to January. Obviously, it will be very difficult for you to get cheapest travel tickets to Nairobi during these months. However, you can easily find cheap flights outside these months. You can also follow a general rule of thumb here. It is always cheaper to book tickets on strange days and times no matter wherever you are flying to and same is the case with Kenya. For instance, most airlines consider you a businessman if you don’t include weekends in your itinerary and charge you accordingly.

  • Look for Round the World Tickets:

Round the World tickets are the way to go if you want to embark on a longer journey including Kenya. This will help you pay one time fee for a series of flights from and to different destinations. There are various airlines alliances such as the Star Alliance which offer cheap round-the-world tickets. One thing you need to remember that rules and regulations as well as prices of different alliances may differ from each other. For instance, some of them charge you according to total number of flights whereas others determine price according to the mileage within a certain period of time.