6 Exquisite Places To Visit During Fall

Although, most of the people like to travel in summers yet the best time to visit different parts of the world is from September to November. Whether you call it fall, autumn or anything else, it is indeed the best time to explore your favorite destinations. The reasons are quite obvious. These places are less crowded than popular summer destinations and temperatures are moderate. Most importantly, everybody can easily afford hotels and other types of accommodations.

Best Spots for Fall Travel:

Following lines unveil some of the most exquisite places to visit during the fall.

  • Tuscany

Tuscany is perhaps the most beautiful part of Italy and the best time to travel to this place is of course fall. During these months, Italian tourists disappear; temperature drops and the landscape is simply unbelievable. The area situated between Florence and Chianti region is a real treat to watch when it gets almost secluded from September to start of November.

  • Marrakech:

Marrakech is a major city of Morocco and a delightful combination of modern and traditional culture and architecture. However, the place is scorching hot in summers that can even make the tough Berbers to sweat. The best place to stay in Marrakech is the Tigmi Hotel. It is located at a distance of one hour from the city at the foothills of snow covered Atlas Mountains. The hotel pools, spa, restaurant and most importantly its serene beauty a sight to behold.

  • Egypt:

The wondrous sites of Egypt are extremely crowded in summers but you can explore them without any trouble during autumn when temperatures are also favorable. The Luxor’s west bank is especially a delight to see because it is a mind boggling and sprawling archeological site. This place contains the village of the workers who constructed the wonderful and mysterious sites of Egypt, the Tomb of the Nobles and of course the Valley of King.

  • East Africa:

Another truly spectacular region to explore in autumn is the East Africa. It is also the time when great migration of wildebeests from Sergenti in Tanzania to Maasai Mara in Kenya takes place. In autumn, you can also spot all the great “big five” in different national parks of East Africa including the world famous Tsavo West and Amboseli.

  • Santorini:

Santorino is perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Greece. The place is overwhelmingly crowded in summers and the heat is also unbearable sometimes. Therefore, the best time to visit this glorious island is actually the autumn. At this time of the year, temperature cools down, crowds disappear and the sunsets are the most seductive. This is the most southerly and glamorous island of the country that makes it a must see place.

  • West Sweden:

The picturesque Bohulsan coast in West Sweden is famous for the lobster season that starts on 27th of October each year. During festival, you can catch and dine on this delicious animal making October and November best months for food fanatics as well. Furthermore, the natural beauty of the area is unsurpassable and cries to be explored.