6 Impressive Decorating Tips To Make Your Room More Attractive

Against the common perception, home designers do not follow any secret book of rules. They love to imagine, explore and dream. They simply follow their intuition to create some of the most dramatic and beautiful homes you would ever see. However, there are indeed some general criteria that help them achieve a great result every time they take on some home remodeling project. These are generally tried and tested methods and you do not need to practice for years to master them as well.

Following are some basic guidelines that will enable you to get a beautiful home even if you don’t have any experience in the field.

  • Always Select Paint Color Last:

Many homeowners want their homes to be painted with their favorite color before they actually move in. There is nothing wrong in shifting to a home that is already ‘well painted’ but this is not the ideal approach. There are millions of paint colors with different shades, tones and tints. As the light source from home to home vary, each one of these shades look different under different conditions. A color looking absolutely stunning in your current home might not have same impact in your next home. You need to select a paint color that can complement your rugs, artwork, upholstery, furniture etc.

  • Give Some Breathing Space to Furniture:

You need to resist the temptation of overcrowding the room. Gracious living spaces providing enough room to maneuver furniture are very common nowadays. This is even more important if you have a tight budget to work with. You need to spend your money on fewer but better quality pieces of furniture instead of cramping your room with a lot of useless furniture. Forget about filling your room with flee market finds and your room will look better, bigger and beautiful. For instance, the high-backed chairs don’t cover much of the space and will not have to fight for attention as well.

  • Hang Artwork Correctly:

Midline of the each artwork in art galleries and museums is usually 57-60 inches above the ground which is the average human eye level. Therefore, you should do the same in your home no matter how high or low the room ceiling is. Always remember that you need to relate height of the artwork to the human scale, not your home’s scale.

  • Don’t Try to be Too Smart:

Some people try to be too smart while designing their homes but the end result is not as impressive as they would have liked. For example, the Cape Code look with typical hallmarks such as some sailboat paintings, white nautical palettes and a beadboard is very popular among some poeple. However, this style lacks individuality and creativity simply because it has been done on so many times before. Instead, you can draw attention to items like artworks and other such materials to achieve the effect without relying so much on obvious clichés.

  • A Focal Point is Necessary:

Just like any movie, you need to have a star performer in your room and in this case, it is your focal point. It will not only anchor the room but will also highlight other decoration pieces in the surroundings. Your focal piece can take shape of an artwork or mental in the drawing or living room, a beadboard in bedroom or a sensationally dramatic hood in the kitchen. Whatever it is, it must have the power to draw immediate attention.

  • Be Bold:

You need to impart some personality to any room to make it really great. You need to experiment and try to make your own personal statement. The more you try, the more you will realize what works well for your home and what does not. You can include some unexpected elements to increase the drama and make surroundings more charismatic. For instance, oversize chandeliers, library style bookshelves and nontraditional ottamons chairs will definitely work wonders for you.