6 Must-Visit Canadian Winter Wonderlands

Winters are no doubt in full swing but that is not a legitimate reason to forego your tour to the beautiful land of Canada. The subzero temperatures and extremely cold gyrating winds will greet you if you visit this part of the world from December to February and in some cases March. However, these conditions should not prevent you from visiting Canada in winters because it offers some great spots and vacations that you can only enjoy on snow.

Best Winter Travel Spots in Canada:

Following lines unveils the most popular winter resorts in Canada you should never miss.

  • Rideau Canal:

If you are a real ice skating fan, you should stroll on the frozen and widening River Rideau near Ottawa at least once in your life. The skateway opens in late December and is regarded as the largest skating rink in the world. Apart from skating, this one kilometer long route also offers some real treats including Canada’s famous Beaver Tails along the way.

  • Blackcomb/Whistler:

You will find all kinds of awesome and extremely exciting winter activities in this premier ski resort. Some of these activities include cross country skiing, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, glacier skiing, snow tubing and heliskiing. Similarly, there are dozens of cool spas including the Scandinave (a breathtaking natural spa) for those who like to stay warm.

  • Winter Carnival:

One of the most exciting activities to partake in Canada is the annual Québec Winter Carnival. As a matter of fact, this is the largest carnival in the world of any type. The carnival happens to be extremely playful with a number of exciting winter activities for adventurous souls. Some of these activities are igloo building, ice skating and other carnival competitions.

  • Winterlude:

Winterlude is an annual festival held in Ottawa every winter. It is very much similar in nature to Québec carnival. It features everything from a man-made snow playground, ice sculptures, ice skating, hot warming treats like hot chocolates and concerts on parliament Hill by some of the top Canadian artists. Some people also believe that Winterlude is much more interesting than its Québec counterpart.

  • Québec City’ Ice Hotel:

The Ice Hotel is located in the heart of Quebec outback and provides you with a real life experience by offering extremely unique winter vacations. The hotel is entirely built of ice where you will sleep on ice beds and dine in ice dishes. You do not need to spend a night in this hotel as a short tour will do as well.

  • Banff National Park:

Apart from cities and carnivals, there are many spectacularly beautiful natural places you must see while you are in Canada during winters. One such place is intriguingly breathtaking Banff National Park which also contains the world famous Lake Louise. The park is located in the heart of Canada’s Rockies and well-known for its aqua colored lakes and rivers. However as soon as the temperature falls below zero, it becomes a winter wonderland. People from across the Canada and world throng this area in winters to enjoy the activities like snowmobiling and winter caving.


Other well-known winter travel destinations in Canada are Mont Tremblant as well as Labrador and Newfoundland. In fact, Canada is full of breathtaking natural places and features some of the most exciting winter carnival and activities.