6 Things New Freelance Writers Need To Focus On

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing their writing needs. This is understandable because freelance marketing is growing in general. Outsourcing content to freelancer writers offers many added advantages in terms of cost and returns.

If you are a new freelancer, you may have also realized that you have to adopt different approach to get freelance writing jobs. The approach is not the same you may have been accustomed to especially if you are making a transition from print publishing industry. You may come across many new terms such as analytics or content curating which you have no idea about. So, what is the way forward for you?

Internet has provided everyone with unlimited access to all kinds of information. You need to get as much information as possible about freelancing writing to set on your journey in the right direction.

Following are some top trends you need to keep in mind when you start your career as a freelance writer.

  • Content Writers will Remain in Business:

Continuous web development and updated content has become integral parts of today’s digital landscape. Most of the freelancing jobs are about web development, marketing and content writing. This not only has resulted in increased rates for freelancer writers but it offers enhanced flexibility in terms of project selection. You usually have a number of options to choose from. It makes it easier for you to choose a project which you can complete easily according to the requirements of your client.

  • Growing Popularity of Video Blogs:

Millions of people upload their videos on micro-video blogs like Instagram and Vine on daily basis. This simply means that these blogs have a bright future. These blogs have evolved a lot in a very short span of time. Now, people not only host simple homemade videos on these blogs but also use them for marketing their products and services. Again, companies normally hire freelance writers to write and edit content for their marketing videos.

  • Networking is Important:

The growth of freelancing industry has also increased the importance of networking. For instance, established freelance writers usually outsource some of their projects to other writers due to work overload. The other important reason they outsource the work is that they want to be Content Managers at some stage of their career and they are building their portfolio. In any case, you need to widen your network because this will help you to get more jobs from other writers.

  • Find Your Niche:

Businesses need excellent, standout and unique content to beat the competition. Appropriate audience will not only read but appreciate the great content as well. Furthermore, your content will be more powerful and substantial if you specialize in a specific niche. You should try to get projects about the topics which you are knowledgeable or passionate about. For instance, you will be more successful writing about travel if you yourself love to travel instead of writing a medical article simply because it pays more.

  • Focus on Social Media:

Social media has become so popular that it has set trends of its own. More and more companies are marketing their products on social media thanks to its ever growing popularity. As a result, they have to hire writers who specialize in writing for social media. How you can succeed and flourish in this particular niche? You can succeed by writing content which evokes emotions among the readers. You also have to focus on headlines because this is how the content on social media is written these days. Headlines have to be extremely enticing because people on social media are always in a hurry. If they are not compelling enough, people will simply not click them.

  • New Content for New Media:

Internet has changed a lot in last decade or so. You would not hear terms like search engine optimization, interment marketing or content marketing ten years ago. Internet has totally revolutionized the word and changed the lives of people. New technologies and media are emerging at the speed of light and require totally different types of content. Typical examples include eBooks writing and reviewing, infographics and ghost blogging etc. You will have no trouble in finding work if you can properly understand these.