7 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Imprint While Travelling

There is no denying of the fact that the latest means of transportation have made travelling extremely easy and fun. However, it is also a fact that these modes of travel have hurt our beautiful Earth in the worst manner possible. While it is important to travel, it is even more important to conserve our planet and restore it to its natural state. Thankfully, there are many simple ways to minimize the usage of energy while you are travelling or are on vacations and some of them are explained below.

Choose Eco-friendly Methods of Travelling:

Although, flying is the most convenient method of travelling yet it is most unfriendly to the environment as well. Therefore, choose the routes with as less stopovers as possible while booking your flights. This is important because planes emit maximum amount of carbon while taking off and landing. Similarly, try to rent a bio fuel or hybrid vehicle or opt for public transit. Traveling in trains or public buses is a great option as the carry large number of people while burning less amount of fuel. It is also a great idea to combine travel with adventure and explore various sites by walking, hiking or biking in the warmer months.

Choose Eco-friendly Destinations:

In addition to choosing ecofriendly means of transportation, it is important for you to choose an equally ecofriendly destination. There are many ecofriendly tourists spot across the globe such as the Bespoke Experience in the remote Mozambique. Similarly, it is also a good idea to take a ‘staycation’ close to your own home if you really want to save the world. You can easily reach the worth watching public places in your own area by biking, train or even on foot and still can have a lot of fun.

Travel Only to a Singly Destination:

It is always tempting and in fact, nice to visit as many places as you can while you are on vacations. However, if you limit your journey to only one city or place, you will do a considerable favor to the environment by reducing your carbon footprints. Furthermore, it will be nicer if you use hotel shuttle service and public transport to explore that city or accomplish the task by biking.

Stay in a Green Hotel:

There are many hotels, restaurants and inns across the globe with a Green housekeeping option. It means that maids are not going to replace the towel or sheets of your room every day. Similarly, you can go one step ahead by finding the hotels that offer efficient toilets, use low-floor showerheads and also employ other green techniques.

Pack Lightly:

The travel size toothpastes and shampoos are not only useless but they also require extra packing. Many of the items including the ones you consume at home fall under the luggage limit allowed by most of the airlines if you are carrying your luggage. As a matter of fact, if you are staying in a hotel or a friend’s home, they will have many toiletries and other stuff for you.

Power off the Home:

If you are going away, you must completely shut down your home unless if someone is staying back. It is important because devices like lights or LEDs keep on running and consume electricity. As a result, you will have to pay huge energy bills without using these appliances. In this regard, simply unplug all the appliances if there is no main power strip in your home.

Treat Earth Like Your Home:

Finally you should treat every place no matter wherever you are just like your own home. For instance, keep your showers short in the hotel if you do the same at your home because the wasted water takes heavy toll of the earth. Similarly, turn off television or air conditioner of your hotel room if you are leaving or if the weather is fine.