8 Terrific Methods To Create A Casual Chick Ambiance In Your Home

There are some homes in this world, although not many, where you feel at home and ease as soon as you walk in. They are elegantly designed and put together and do no exhibit any sort of fussiness. These homes are usually devoid of formal front rooms but there are no rooms in which laundry is tumbling either and all them look fascinatingly chick.

Therefore, if you want to impart that chick look to your own home, continue reading this article.

  • Use Mirrors to Add Some Glitter:

A sunburst shape or gilt-framed fancy mirror will instantly transform your space into something spectacular and eye catching. You will make your room feel elegant just by placing a posh mirror while using causal or simple furniture.

  • Use Washable White Slipcovers:

White is perhaps the most popular color for slipcovers, bed sheets and other such garments. Using simple, sturdy but washable slipcovers means that your room will always remain new and fresh because you can pull them off and bleach them as or when needed.

  • Mixed Textures for Easy Elegance:

A room will feel and look more luxurious and comfortable if you vary the texture as much as possible. The best practice is to use three different textures, for example, polished, fluffy and nubby in any space to achieve the maximum effect. Similarly, you can further delight the senses by using things like fuzzy pillows, a hide rug, tweedy chairs, bamboo blinds and an air coverlet that will complement each other quite scintillatingly.

  • Mix Refined Lighting with Rustic Furniture:

Well-worn wooden chairs, benches and tables are still an excellent choice to create a chic home despite of the fact that they can take quite a bit of beating. Remember that a house is place where  you want to enjoy your life in best manner possible without worrying about your furniture. However, it is not wise to discard glamour from your house altogether. In fact, you can make the most memorable interior by delicately interplaying refined and rustic features. Mix rustic furniture with elegant lighting such as statement pendants or chandeliers to add unmatched opulence to your space.

  • Be Ready to Choose a Printed Sofa:

Many people do not like printed sofas but you can make your room look more ‘decorated’ and interesting by picking a sofa covered in a dark printed fabric. The best thing about printed sofas is that you do not need to do much else to add interest to your room and they will also cover small blemishes such as spills remarkably well.

  • Bamboo Blinds:

Bamboo blinds will always create a sensational chick environment no matter you pair them with drapers or let them at their own. They will also create a beachy vibe in addition with imparting a classy look to the surroundings depending upon the furniture and other pieces of decoration you have in the room.

  • Display Art Attractively:

Art does not have to be beyond reach or fussy all the times. You need to explore affordable online sources, student sales and smaller galleries to find the art pieces that go with your gut. Art that makes you happy is what you need to lift your spirits every day and add personality to your abode.

  • Welcome Hooks and Baskets:

You don’t have clutter strewn about in a perfectly chic home. One of the easiest and the chick solutions to this problem is to hang French baskets on hooks in different parts of your home. You can use them for thinks like magazines, stray toys, laundry and towel or anything that is a big source of clutter in your house.

While creating a chic house, you need to balance comfort with elegance. These tips will not only enable you to create a more interesting living space but will also help you to add a bit of your own personality as well.