8 Ways To Artistically Combine TV Den And Home Office

Modern homes just do not provide enough room for everything. But you can have both a TV lounge and a home office in your small home without any really hassle. You might be wondering how it is possible. But – if you think little out of the box and be creative, you can easily accomplish the task.

Professional Tips for Home Office Decor:

Following are some of the professional tips that will enable to you get all in one home office and TV lounge.

  • Create Decorative Storage:

When you want to use the room as TV lounge, you do not want to look at appalling office storage. Therefore, you need to create a beautiful and creative storage to tuck away the office papers and binders. These storages can include freestanding or charming built in shelves, decorative boxes, bins and drawers etc.

  • Sneak in the TV:

The television might be a good thing when you are relaxing but you do not want to be distracted by it when you are working. It is a great idea to incorporate television in built in cabinets or shelving alongside storage bins and books. If possible, place the television in two door cabinet so that you can hide it when you are down to work.

  • Use Walls Wisely:

You should build or drag your desk close to the wall in order to have more room for enjoying with friends or family. It is better to keep the drawers of the table shallow but bump the area where you sit out a bit for more compute or work space. A shallow and long table will covers less space but still provides more room to work.

  • Clutter Free Workspace:

Avoid placing too many things in the room because you do not want to see boring things like piles of files when you are in relaxing mood. Experts recommend using wireless equipment and placing printers and faxes in built in cabinets that can be slid out. This will enable you to hide them when watching TV and have easy access to them while working.

  • Multipurpose Furniture:

You need to have multipurpose furniture in the room. An extra table or console behind the sofa will function as a desk during work and an adorable piece for decoration while watching TV. You can also increase the beauty of surroundings by hanging beautiful paintings on the walls.

  • No Overcrowding:

It is important to place only those accessories that are necessary for both home office and lounge. This allows you to move freely in the room. Similarly, the room remains less chaotic and the place remains calm yet practical.

  • Lightings:

Your lighting should be appropriate for both office work and entertainment activities. Therefore, it is wise to install different sources of light in the room that will be perfect for different activities like reading, entertainment and mood settings.


It is the era of multipurpose houses. You also need to adapt yourself and your house accordingly. In this regard, above mentioned tips will help you modify your home to make it more beautiful as well as productive.