9 Creative Kitchen Cabinets Ideas To Revamp Your Kitchen

Plain white wood cabinets are always appealing and there is nothing wrong with installing them in your home. However, if you are looking to get something special with more zest and appearance, you need to think little out of the box as far as home cabinets are concerned. Whether you want to install them in bedrooms or kitchen, you can also do something exciting with your cabinets

Creative Cabinets for a Stylish Kitchen:

You need to consider these elegant and inventive approaches when plain white cabinets simply cannot provide what you are looking for.

  • Cubical Cabinets:

The neat and beautiful little cubbyholes will allow you to break away from the traditional long cabinets in the most amazing manner possible. However, never forget to measure your kitchenware before installing nonstandard sized cabinets to ensure that everything fits perfectly and thus, elegantly.

  • Stained Glass:

No matter you have a brand new house, you can still get the cozy, handmade, warm and antique look inside your house simply by installing a set of cabinets with lovely stained glass. You can further enhance the looks by installing interior cabinet lighting. It will also cast a warm glow through the stained glass illuminating the surroundings spectacularly.

  • Open on Top Cabinets:

Want to have open cabinets that can conceal most of your stuff, you can put shelves with one open door immediately above the backsplash. This will enable you to display your favorite items while others will quietly reside behind the closed bars. Consider an open shelve made up of pretty wood and also install special cabinet lights to create a fascinating ambiance all around.

  • Sliding Doors:

Love to have open shelves in your kitchen but do not want to cross the line, consider covering them by sliding barn doors. A colorful sliding door will not only add drama and character to your kitchen but will also help you to display your favorite kitchenware while hiding others.

  • Two Bold Hues:

It is never a great idea to settle for one colored cabinets when you can easily have two. For instance, you can choose one color for the lower cabinets and the other color for upper ones. Similarly, you can do one set in contrasting color after painting most of the cabinets with same color. The key here is to match the intensity across hues perfectly in order to achieve the desired result. In this regard, you can pair soft spring green with pale lemon or bright turquoise with pale lime green.

  • Brightly Colored Doors:

A touch of pizzazz to a crispy white cabinet will make your kitchen more dramatic and charismatic. Replace a white door for every third or four cabinets for a brightly colored door and your kitchen will spring to life without doing anything else.

  • Glossy Pink:

The glossy pink is undeniably the most belligerent, bold and fun choice for kitchen cabinets. If you want to make your kitchen highly sophisticated, go for raspberry pink whereas bubblegum pink will impart a distinctly retro feel to the surroundings.

  • Reclaimed Wood:

If you are sick of standard cliché cabinets, consider trying old reclaimed wood instead. Reclaimed wood add patina and charm to the kitchen as it is rich in character. People normally use reclaimed oak to create custom cabinets for their homes. You can further use a clear protective finish and whitewash to make them more beautiful and attractive.

  • Chalkboard Doors:

Chalkboard doors for kitchen cabinets are getting immense popularity among people nowadays. Chalkboard insets are usually made of real slate further framed in a reclaimed wood. The idea is quite practical as it offers a sensationally refined yet rustic look. You can also use these cupboards for other purposes such as writing favorite recipes or grocery lists on the chalkboard doors. It is also advisable to simply paint your existing cabinet doors with several coats of chalkboard for a quick and budget friendly update.

Above mentioned are some of the ideas that will enable you install elegant and breathtaking cabinets in your kitchen and bid farewell to plain white cliche cabinets for good.