9 Fascinating Teen Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Teenagers like a bedroom which not only makes them happy but also reflects their personality in its design and layout. Designing a bedroom for teenagers is never an easy task. You have to take into account many things ranging from the choice of a cool color to what kind of furniture you should choose. It is always better to take expert opinion from your stylish and pretentious teenager before taking the final decision.

Following lines explain how you can design a room which meets rather unique demands of teenagers.

  • Refreshing Design:

The best ways to design a teen bedroom is to take design cues from the thing he or she likes the most. For instance, it is always a great idea to a combination of raspberry and teal pink to impart a grown up yet traditional feel especially if you are designing a girl’s room. Similarly, you can complement the design by placing a stripped rug containing all the colors used in other parts of the room including bed and other furniture.

  • Paint it Bold:

Teenagers usually like bold colors and you can personalize their room by painting walls in such colors. It is perhaps one of the easiest methods to make the room more exciting, vibrant and fun

  • A Little Rock and Roll will Do:

If you want to create a cool yet enticing escape for teenage boys, go for bold, heavy metal stripes and don’t forget to use blue, one of their favorite colors. For example, you can create stripes on the wall using chocolate brown, calming blue and neutral tan. Similarly, you can use the same hues to create matching stripes on drapers, bed and accent pillows.

  • Reflect College Life in Room:

Nothing can rival a dorm room when it comes to accompanying transition from childhood to adulthood. You can actually blend fashion with function with the help of modern floor lamps, bold bedding, armchairs and a colorful area rug. Another method to impart a youthful feel to these articles is to use ottomans in conjunction with modern clean lined chairs.

  • Self-Expression:

Some teenagers will never give away the habit of writing on the walls. Therefore, if teenagers in your home are amongst them, paint a section of a room wall with chalkboard so that they can let their creative juice flow. You can definitely pair the dark chalkboard walls with more bold colors. For example, you can paint lower walls with blue color and further pair them with lime green bedding.

  • Dream Makeover:

If there are teenage girls in your home, then their room has to be bold, bright and beautiful. You can impart such look to the room by painting the walls in green lime color and installing a purple netting canopy over the daybed as a main focal point. Similarly, the use of shimmer bead curtain, shaky pink rug and beaded pink chandelier will give a funky look to the surroundings. To prevent the bright colors totally overwhelming the space, you can place white yet elegant furniture in the room as well.

  • Tween Dream:

Juicy orang is indeed one of the favorite colors of teenagers. However, colors as bright as juicy orange can overwhelm the surroundings. Therefore, you must use them in combination with soft hues such as light blue and green to create a sense of calmness in the room.

  • Purple Rain Bedroom:

Teens want their bedrooms to be colorful and you can easily accomplish the task by putting fanciful and differently designed rugs throughout the space. Moreover, colorful bendable light fixtures, a modern looking wall clock and overhead ceiling fan will add drama, character and charm to the room.

  • Blue is the Warmest Color:

One of the easiest color schemes to manage and properly coordinate is blue plus white. You can create extremely fascinating contrast in the room by painting walls with midnight blue and pairing them with white melamine trims and furnishings. Similarly, you can use geometric as well as multicolored floral bedding fabrics to further complement the design.

It is never easy to please your teenagers and same is the case with designing their rooms according to their wishes. In this regard, above mentioned are some of the best teen bedroom design ideas which enable you to meet their particular requirements.