9 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Enjoyable And Productive

More and more people are availing the opportunities to work from home these days. If you are also running your own thriving business from your home, incorporating a work space into home environment can be bit tricky. However, you should always try to impart the same inviting and warm feeling in your office you’ve created in other parts of your home. The idea is to make you time in office more of a fun and less of a work.

Following are some delightful home office styles that are high on “function” and big on “home.”

  • Bring Nature Inside:

You sit in a home office for entire day to work which can be bit tedious and boring. It is always refreshing to surround yourself by miracles of nature. A big and beautiful birdie hanging on the wall and some green plants will help you work in a lovely and revitalizing environment.

  • Use Your Favorite Color:

You have to spend a lot of time in the office and therefore, you should not hesitate to use your most favorite color in that room. It is not necessary for office tables and cabinets to be white always. Using the colors which inspire you the most is another great idea to “feel at home” at your home office.

  • A Stunning Accent Wall:

The main idea behind working from home is to work in a comfortable and productive environment. Home offices should not be the carbon copy of traditional ones which are usually boring and repulsive. You need to make it exciting and a great way to achieve the desired ambiance is to create a stunning accent wall with some breathtaking wallpaper on display. Similarly, you can also give your room a “wild” touch with a fun rug.

  • Display a Special Collection:

Display a special collection of art pieces or anything else that can make your heart sing. Home office is the best place to display such things because you will be able to enjoy and praise their beauty each and every day.

  • A Spot for Lounging:

You need to take some rest between your working hours and for that matter, every home office needs to have a comfortable lounging area as well. The lounging space will also help you to enjoy reading with the morning coffee or watch television in the evening thus performing multiple duties for you.

  • Place for Afternoon Siesta:

Instead of a lounging area, you can have a full fledge place for afternoon siesta in your home office. Study shows that people having a daily nap in the late afternoon are much more productive than others. If you have a large room, convert it into a dual purpose area by placing a small sofa or bed for a quick and comforting snooze.

  • Add an Unexpected Feature:

Adding an unexpected feature such as a bright colorful chandelier is another mind blowing method to make your home office feel more like home and less like office. Apart from a fabulous chandelier, a great seat by the window will not hurt feelings either.

  • Awe Inspiring Views:

If you are working from home, the best thing to do is to make your home office in a room that opens to a lot of natural light and natural views. This will not only transform the room into a fascinating working area but will boast your mental health and productivity as well.

  • Create Your Own Scenery:

If your room is unfortunately devoid of windows, try to create your own scenery by hanging an enchanting painting on the wall just behind your computer or anywhere else you like.

A beautifully designed home office will enable you to enjoy your work more than ever before. Your productivity will increase considerably and there will be one happy and satisfied employee, you yourself.