Adopt Healthy Dietary Habits To Live A Healthy Old Life

It is never too late to embrace the change and start reaping benefits it offers. For most of the seniors, it is very hard to accept the reality especially when it finally comes to eating habits and overall wellbeing.  However, it is very important for them to adopt healthy habits gradually and one step at a time if they want to enjoy better physical and mental health in later parts of their lives.

Tips to Improve Eating Habits for Seniors:

Following lines explain how older adults and seniors can improve their diet to live a healthy and active life even well beyond 70s.

  • More Water:

As you grow older, you need to drink as much water as possible. Your water requirements usually depend upon plenty of factors including how active you are, your overall health, and the location of your residence. However, you can use legendary “8X8” rule that is 8 eight ounces glass of water every day if you are not sure about how much to drink.

  • Eat the Right Snacks:

Convenient and light snacks between meals are extremely beneficial for people with small appetites. In this regard, bite size pieces of peanut butter, low fat cheese or some fruits can really satisfy your hunger and can provide you with much needed nutrients as well. However, you need to avoid foods with high sugar content. Excess of sugar can create problems like obesity, weak eye sight and off course diabetes.

  • Add More Fiber to Diet:

You need to gradually add more and more fiber to your diet to enable yourself to adapt to the changed dietary habits. Adding excessive fiber too early can cause problems like gas trouble, cramping and bloating. Replace your source of fiber one at a time that is instead of drinking one glass of orange juice, it is better to eat 3 oranges a day. Furthermore, as you take in more fiber, drink more fluids as they help the body to digest the fibers.

  • Reduce Salt Intake:

It often happens that seniors have diminished abilities to smell and taste. That is exactly why many of them readily add more salt to their meals. In fact, the intake of salt should be less than one teaspoon to avoid the risks of high blood pressures, hypertension and most importantly, fatal cardiovascular diseases.

  • Exercise:

Regular exercise is extremely important for seniors as it helps in alleviating depression, stimulates appetite and strengthens muscles and bones. In this regard, you can join a community exercise group as it will also widen your social circles.


Above mentioned tips is a great start to a healthier, active and enjoyable lifestyle. However, you should speak to your doctor before adopting any special diet or exercise plan.